Select a scent for the 8 ounce body scrub and 4 ounce soap set, and we will wrap your gift set for you.  This bundle includes a gift box, items are wrapped in tissue paper with tied ribbon, and the box is tied with a matching ribbon. Ships in a 4x4 box to you or the recipient.


Coconut Lavender - Lavender & Coconut Scent (Signature Scent)

Vanilla Rose - Vanilla, Coconut, and Rose (Signature Scent)

Wild Sugar - Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Raspberry Scent  (Signature Scent) 

Our best selling body scrub is back with a new vegan formula!  We have paired an 8 ounce Birthday Cake Body Scrub with two 2 ounce Birthday Cake Bubbling Bath Bombs to create a cute birthday gift made for all ages.  Ships in a 4x4 box with birthday tissue paper inside the box, and the box is tied with a ribbon.  Your choice of box color: purple or silver.

Rich French Vanilla, Buttercream Frosting, and Toasted Marshmallow Blended Scent (Signature Scent)


Body Scrub Ingredients: pure cane sugar, organic coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, meadowfoam seed, coconut milk, fragrance, colorant, candy topping (non-edible)
Bath Bomb Ingredients: baking soda, critic acid, cornstarch, magnesium sulfate (salt), organic coconut oil, fragrance, distilled water, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate - bubble maker (SLSA), Topping: Colorant 
Birthday Cake is fun for all ages.

For party favors: 10 or more gift sets will receive 15% off each item. See Party Favor Tab for details. 

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